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Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
So I sat down after work today, house was empty, the better half is on a road trip around the olympic peninsula in a small RV with her parents, five younger siblings, and our two year old son. I didn't necessarily regret working weekends when I heard about this trip.
I started to look at the cork board organizer that sat at the edge of my bench. I purchased it from a thrift shop in a town near our camping destination last week. It caught my eye because i had been looking for a way to display all of the flies that I have accumulated the past few years.
When someone gave me a fly, whether I just met them and wasn't catching shit on what I had, or even if I knew I was gonna see them the next day on the beach and I could just bum a couple more, I kept them. I went home and studied them, thought about why they worked, or just why were they pleasing to look at. I tucked them away in an epoxy encrusted old fly box in my bottom drawer, then I'd try and use their influence in my own ties, sometimes unsuccessfully, but i loved having an actual fly instead of just a picture.
Then I started doing fly swaps. The first was the 2012 holiday fly swap at The Avid Angler (thanks Kelvin for hosting) I didn't know what to expect and was so nervous that instead of tying 2 different sets of 5 identical flies, I think I tied 5 sets just in case mine were getting passed by in the white elephant style exchange. Then I did the crane fly swap, beetle mania swap, lingcod swap, another holiday swap, searun cutts, trout streamers and intruders. I just played swapmeister for the stinger clouser swap and am currently conceptualizing my pattern for the sparse summer steel swap. (18 flies David, really? by the tenth? yeah thanks :confused: ) I've kept them all, from the great to the not so great. :cough:golfman:coughcough: jk, not really, or am I ? somebody please put a sharp pair of cutters for stinger hooks in his stocking for christmas.What did you do, use a vice grips and twist? :)
Along the way I've really enjoyed everyones ties. Some of my favorites include TD's red intruder, Riseform's cdc cranefly, the silver rolled muddler from some guy on the beach, Thomas Mitchell's PNW style spey fly, I traded that one for one of the double K reverse spider intruders at the holiday swap. And last but not least, what I think was Chris Bellows lingcod fly, in the top right with the long hackle tails, I don't think it was toe-tagged. But on top of simply enjoying all these works of art, I've also gotten better at tying my own. Doing fly swaps constantly forces you to think outside the box and tie cleaner more consistent flies.
There's a few repeat offenders in there. I think Kelvin's in there like 7 times. Steve Knapps got a few, the herring beach slider, the lemon-lime ling lollie-pop, and a little blue and grizzly flatwing on a #7 Gold AJ near the center, which he gave to me on the beach in 2012 right before he asked if I was on the forum, to which I replied "What forum?" There's also a couple people out there whom I wish to someday see on the roster of one of the future swaps and plenty of other great tyers lurking int the shadows of the forum I'm sure.
So from now, until I run out of thread to fill my bobbin (never) I'm going to try to host at least two a year and participate in every one that time allows me to, and I'll try to make sure to do my best to tie something that you haven't seen before. So join me if you have idle hands and need to focus on something, or you're new and you only know one type of pattern. Join if you're one of the saltiest guys on the board, but have retired from giving fishing reports even though we all know you're catching them on something. :coughcough:Rogerstephens:cough: Jeez I must be coming down with a cold. Join by hosting a swap if you can, because its fun to get those little packages in the mail and its even better to see all the little nuances people use in their ties. And join if you've never done it before, just because.
Bump this thread if you recognize your work below. Thanks for reading.

Gary Knowels

Active Member
Awesome Pat! Your tying is an inspiration for me, so inventive and clean. I'll definitely join you in more swaps as time allows. Between work and school I don't know how often that will be but I'll try! I'm on the board once, with a orange sparkle chenille, rubber leg, peach marabou sea run bugger I tied for the sea run swap. Great idea for displaying all the swap flies.

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High bank poacher
WFF Supporter
Like Gary said, you have some pretty legit skills and have definitely been a tying inspiration for me. I concur that swaps are fun skill builders and sources of inspiration. I will be pushing my boundaries by joining more this coming year

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Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Thanks Eyejuggler, you're also on there with a bloody squimp, and a stinger clouser.
Hope to see you join in on more, even though you've only been tying for a short time, I've liked the style you give to your ties. If you wouldn't mind posting it again, I'd like to see the picture of that one sided ep minnow popper that you tied a while back but I can't seem to find the thread.


Indi Ira
WFF Supporter
The problem I've found with Pat's ties is my unwillingness to fish works art with the potential of losing it to a snag versus a fish. Luckily I have a few of the 5 sand lance patterns of his that I stole from someone else at the 2012 Holiday Swap. I've caught silver, sculpin and flounder on that fly and I've only lost a couple of them. In fact I plan to fish it tomorrow out on a beach somewhere.

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Little back story on those sandlance poppers.
So that was one of my patterns for the 2012 holiday swap. It was picked by Ira, forum member coastal cutthroat, not irafly, who drew the first choice. Then it was stolen by irafly who was a few numbers back.
After the swap I told the first Ira that I felt bad he got his first choice yoinked by some dude that brought in jig nymphs for steelhead ;) and that I was going to re tie those for him. I dropped them off at the Avid Angler a week later for him to pick up. Never did hear back from him so I hope he got his flies and had fish attached to them that later that season.
Then I believe the first one that irafly lost was actually to me. A bunch of forum members met in late December at rocky ford, both irafly and myself were there and after I got tired of catching those fat hatchery fish on scuds all morning I wanted to see if I could actually get one to move to a fly so I bummed one of those poppers back from ira. No fish after that but that fly has adorned the visor in my car ever since. Thanks again for the fly.

Rob Ast

Active Member
I see my rubber legged intruder from the intruder swap and my blue/green/white clouser from the clouser stinger swap


Canyon Lurker
gotta say, of all the fly tiers ive ever seen works of yours are some of my favs. i see a black bunny streamer near the bottom right of mine and a Fat Albert with legs tied hopper style i gave you sometime streamside. i actually broke off a 28-30 inch brown on the same Albert a couple days ago.

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Thanks Eric, right next to that fat albert is a white micro leech with a pink head that you gave me at rocky ford. Thanks for the flies buddy.

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