Swap flies: Shoutout if you see yourself


Indi Ira
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Little back story on those sandlance poppers.
So that was one of my patterns for the 2012 holiday swap. It was picked by Ira, forum member coastal cutthroat, not irafly, who drew the first choice. Then it was stolen by irafly who was a few numbers back.
After the swap I told the first Ira that I felt bad he got his first choice yoinked by some dude that brought in jig nymphs for steelhead ;) and that I was going to re tie those for him. I dropped them off at the Avid Angler a week later for him to pick up. Never did hear back from him so I hope he got his flies and had fish attached to them that later that season.
Then I believe the first one that irafly lost was actually to me. A bunch of forum members met in late December at rocky ford, both irafly and myself were there and after I got tired of catching those fat hatchery fish on scuds all morning I wanted to see if I could actually get one to move to a fly so I bummed one of those poppers back from ira. No fish after that but that fly has adorned the visor in my car ever since. Thanks again for the fly.
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I completely forgot about that until you mentioned it. In my head I was running through where all those flies were and I kept coming up one short. Yeah, the Ira's liked that fly that day.

David Dalan

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I'm pretty sure my red-eyed olive bunny sculpin is there and possibly a monstrous blue tube intruder with a gold conehead.


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I recognize Kelvins double k's, Garys searun bugger, Bobs chum baby, Chris Bellows small round head popper. I tied the skagit minnow between chris and Bobs flies, and possibly the small epoxy head also between them or the white clouser below them. My memory on that is blurry, kinda like the 70's.


Just call me Jon
I recognize my flies in pics of yours that have fish attached to them. Do they count???

Edit: I recognize my clouser on the board too...

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
I don't believe there are any pics of fish I've caught on your flies, although my largest salty cutt was on one of the flatwings that you tied for the 2012 holiday swap. That fly is right next to a Knapps herring slider.
There was that edgebright comet that I copied you on, then took your stripping basket off the beach when you were buzz bombing, then caught a jack king right next to you. No that doesn't count as your fly :)

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