Is it just me ??

David A.

Upside down.
I like some of the new video getting around, I really do, but does rap music really fit the format ??
Here's a good example.
The vision is ok, but I had to turn the sound off to finish it.

Maybe I'm getting old ? :D


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Rap isn't music, and even if it were, I still wouldn't listen to it. Most fishing videos that I've watched seem like little more than an advertising spot, with no real story to tell, with Todd Moen being an obvious exception.



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I can tolerate the rap music on the home videos easier than I can tolerate those wanna be special effects experts who feel the need to run the entire video using a fisheye lense app.

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Dunno about rap music and fishing, but one of the channels I have over here in the Windy City is "The Fishing Channel." Almost without exception, all fly fishing shows are accompanied by acoustic guitar, and gear fishing shows are accompanied by hard rock or heavy metal. Interesting in what that says about the two types of fishing, or at least how they are perceived by the shows' producers.
To me, it could be worse...Taylor Swift or country music while on the flats... Besides, when it is rap music, genital scratching and grabbing is not only NOT frowned upon, it is encouraged.
So if you got an itch? NO sweat!

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