Old Stock - Leader and Tippet Material

Preparing my gear. I have new in the package leader and tippet material
(non-flouro). How old does it become unusable and get tossed out?
Climax/Rio leader-tippet, store in cool drawer, two plus years. Appreciate input.

lorenzo bromar

I've used 10 year old mono leaders, that were stored properly, and they roped fish just fine
I think that if it's been in the dark in a drawer and not too hot it's gonna be fine. I suppose it depends on what you are doing with it. I have bought leaders/tippets from estate sales that look like they are 10-15 years old as well, and they haven't caused any issue.
Try a single overhand knot, if the strength is down below 50% pitch it.

We have a large chain store here in Canada, Canadian Tire. They buy up huge piles of maximum chamelion 25 yard spools so that they can sell it cheaper than the small competing sporting goods stores. They then warehouse under bright lights it for long periods of time.

I bought a couple of spools of 4 and 6 lb and got to the Cowichan River for browns then had to leave the river because the stuff would not even hold a blood knot at 20% knot strength. It was garbage right form the store.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I had some bad luck with Rio tapered leaders. Since then, about 10 years ago, I quit buying them. I usually chuck my tippet spools after one year. They sit in the sun in my truck. Sun is no good for leaders of any kind.

I had some good luck with Umquah(sp) but my local shop doesn't sell that kind any more. You find something you like and because of some people complaining about it they quit selling it. I never had any problems with the stuff.