Help on a rod/ reel combo!!

My dad purchased a G-loomis 8-0ft 3wt rod and put a scientific angler system 2 reel on it with 555 cortland WF 4wt line. We went out practicing our casting and we had a hard time casting the line further than 30 ft . We found it a very light line with no wiehgt behind there a better line than he has for that rod? any suggestions on line weight verses rod weight? Would a longer rod help or not? :DUNNO

Having owned and fished a large number fly rods and lines through the years I can say with some authority that you need to try different line weights on each and every line to determine the line that best works with that rod for YOU. Everyone has their own casting style and everyone loads their rod differently. Rod weights are notoriously inaccurate in the lower line ratings. I know 2wts that definitely perform better with 4wt lines. Sometimes I have lines that were mislabeled also. I would recommend you cast a line of the same type with your rod before you purchase it in the future. It could also be the way you cast. I would take the rod reel and line as it is and let a good experienced fly fisher or two give you their opinion. Some rods cast multiple lines and others will only perform for you with a WF line of a specific weight or a DT line of specific weight and not both nor others.


I had exactly the same problem with a Loomis 7'6" 2wt. That rascal would not load with a 2wt dt. Try some different lines to find the rod's comfort zone(and yours) and see how that works out. I use mine for tiny brush covered little creeks so distance isn't much of a factor.

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