Petru Dima flies



Just for info, I contacted Mr Dimas about a week or two ago. Hans Weilenmann, the guy who took most of the photos, hangs out on another list I belong to and suggested contacting him. I asked Mr Dimas if he was planning on doing an article on how he ties his flies anytime in the near future. He sent me a very cordial reply and said that he was planning an article, but not any time soon. Her didn't send any tips or info on the technique, either. Figure he must be saving it for the article. Couldn't hurt for someone else to ask, though. If you get any info, I'm sure there's a bunch of people who would be interested. Good luck and good fishing.


Putru's flies are works of art and his braiding techniques sure add a new and exciting (pardon the pun) twist to any pattern.

I've been keen on learning the rudiments of braiding and found a URL that describes Torill Kolbu's method of crocheting a fly body - it doesn't compare to Petru's intricate work but it's a beginning.

Tight Lines, All!


Do you have find out … how I am doing ’it?
Is not so simple to explain in two words the technique. There is 20-30 way to do ‘it.
I spend my self o couple years to find out … how.
But let me ask you something: - Should you give a way … hundreds of ours of searching and testing just like that?!
If you are interested to have some of my flies, please you now haw to get in contact.
I should be happy to do some flies for you.
Braiding, weaving or crocheting
Must say that Puet work is some of the finest have seen in years
I have been weaving flies for over 40 years.
I us a double cast off method and is on my website
The multi standing of the flies are some the best I have seen since Torill Kolbu's award winning flies.
I have a part of my site to the weave with the instruction and that page is
It is nice to see other fly dresser who are interested in this way of tying flies.