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I got this monster fishing at Langlois lake. Can anyone recommend a decent Bass lake on the Westside. Preferably a lake or pond where I can launch my "toon" without being run down by speed boaters.
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He's about the size of the two I had in my garage aquarium. They are really quite smart fish. It didn't take them long to figure out that I was the creature feeding them.

When I'd go into the garage they'd both swim over to the side of the tank and follow me from one side to the other. I'd give them worms from our compost pile. After awhile, they'd take the worms from my fingers when I held the worm above the surface.

It was a manicure if I gave them some guppies. I didn't like the idea of using live fish to feed other fish so I only tried that a few times. They liked the worms so I stuck with those.

I did find that sometimes, for no apparent reason, they would refuse to eat. I think this also happens in the wild. Sometimes, they simply are not hungry. But the next day, they were very hungry.

Some folks hate bass to a fault. My feeling is if the fishery can not sustain trout, than why not plant bass? This means, I am totally against any bass introduction to a fishery that does hold trout. I'd rather they didn't occupy the same lake because the bass usually end up wiping out the trout -- as they did at Davis Lake in Oregon and the impact they had on the trout in Crane Prairie just down the road from Davis.

In the NW, there is room for both species as long as some idiot doesn't dump bass into trout fisheries. If a trout can't live in a lake but bass can, then by all means, dump in some bass. I like fishing for both species but only where they are supposed to live. I hate Johnny Bass Seed with a passion because his illegal planting of bass has messed up some great trout fisheries.

The LMB in my aquarium eventually came down with some weird illness and died. Most likely I had unwittingly poisoned them with angle worms.:)


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Jay -
The WDFW report founded has a list of species found in a number of lakes


Bottom line the vast majority of lakes in Western Washington with public accesses have bass and other warm water species in their waters; a major reason why trout fishing isn't what it once was. By targeting lakes that are less than 100 or 150 acres you should find a large number of lakes to explore for warm water species (including largemouth bass) where you should not have any problems with water skiers. A number of small lakes have horsepower or speed restrictions (usually county regulations). With falling water temperatures the window for easier bass fishing on those smaller waters is closing. While LMBs can be caught year-round on most waters the time from Spring (late April/early May - my favorite time for large fish) to early fall (early/mid October) provides the window for most consistent fishing for the angler. Targeting large waters will extend that fishing window in the fall and provide more consistent smallmouth fishing but at that dreaded cost of speed boats.

Try Forbes lake in Kirkland. Access through condos near fire station. Plenty of bass, perch, blue gills, crappie, and cutthroat. Bring your float tube. Largest bass I landed was a pound and half.


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Cottage has some nice fish. They are very much in touch with their instincts. Tight to cover and in the weeds. Not easy fishing, and not 6 weight bassin' either. My main rod is a nine weight. I have used a 12 weight for rainbow patterns, and dredging lead core with floating flies along bottom structure.

That's the thing with bass. You don't catch special fish with average tactics. You catch average fish.
My understanding is that there is a trail that runs from the road to the lake for access. Ironically, I was talking to a King County deputy the other day about this. He told me that the trail is maintained by the homeowners in the area, but that it's actually a King County park. That being said, I'm not entirely sure where the access point is.


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A quick check of the County Website shows "Lake Joy Park" with no parking and 1 unimproved launch.

Cottage lake was at one point private. Hence the private "Cottage Lake Beach Club" park and access. Wouldn't surprise me if Joy shared the same history.

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