June 1 is coming and we'll finally be able to sneak up into our favorite non-brand-name trout-laden trickles. Anyone got info on flows? Will eastslope streams be fishable by the freshwater opener, or will we have to wait until July?


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I might be old---but I'm good.

Well I could tell you of a few places close to home, But then I would have to kill ya. Ha Ha :TONGUE

Of the places that I like to try is the Pilchuck creek,up high close to the lake. It's a pretty little creek with a few suprises. And if I go durning the week all that I run into is the wildlife. I almost came face to face with a black bear once. I think that was the day that I learned to walk on water. I saw him and I turned around and left(running). I sure hoped he did the same. As for any thing else I like to hit the head waters of the Sky and there are a few of them. Jim S. :THUMBSUP

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Just an Old Man
I might be old---but I'm good.

Well,since I don't really target them I don't know to much about them up there. I've seen them up that high in the summer. In fact I caught one,a fin clipped buck about 21" long. In the west fork of the Foss river. I was using my 7'6" 4wt at the time and I was just fishing for what ever.

I'm not saying that they are not there because I've seen them in the Beckler and the Tye rivers. Had one on in the Beckler,but it didn't last long. But was fun while it was on.

One other note. This was in the month of August when the flows were down.

I just read that there is a flood warning for the Naches at Cliffdel. I checked the flows of the American River USGS gage and it is at double the mean flow for this period, which is usually high to begin with. That should indicate how the eastslope streams are running, although that is an extreme as it is fed by the Chinook Pass area, which has finally started to see significant snowmelt. I know I am planning to have to wait until July to get decent fishing.


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There will still be a bunch of late winter fish in the sky that haven't seen a (legal) fly for three months. But, the melt has started and I don't think the Sky will drop to fishable flows for a few weeks.