NFR Spey Addict??

I know my co-workers are confident that I rarely actually get sick. Don't let this impression happen to you. Work on keeping bags under your eyes and snuffling whenever it's quiet at work. Your casting will get awesome as your co-workers get used to the concept of your fragility and suseptability to every bug that rolls around.
Spey fishing (and spey practicing) are pleasurable, as are many other activities that fulfill the same personal needs: golfing (and golf practicing), tennis (& ditto), jogging, biking, hiking, etc. We often make joking comparisons to addiction, even as some of us struggle to avoid addictive or compulsive levels, and to integrate our chosen activity with the demands and responsibilities of life.

In earlier times, joking about drunkenness was a staple of popular humor. We don't hear that any more, because we recognize that destructive, debilitating, life-warping addictions aren't funny.:(


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Yeah, I agree. If you find yourself torn between a new rod and fixing your wife's car, probably time to step back a bit...:cool:

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