Drying motor

I know most rod builders have fun with the whole DIY aspect of it. One essential tool in rod-building is the drying motor. My solution is the old popcorn popper that has the rotating wire over the flat teflon base with the clear yellow plastic bulbous cover (with very minor modifications to make it stand on it's side, and removing the heating element). I know some people look for the BBQ motor. What are some other ideas you've come up with?
I used an old microwave oven motor. It turns about 3 rpm, and was 12v D.C., so I just spliced it to an old lamp cord and there you go. The problem I had was connecting the motor to the chuck (also home made) and making it stick. After a few saggy epoxy jobs due to motor-chuck disconnect in the middle of the night, I broke down and bought a double dryer on ebay for $32.00.

There's nothing like making stuff on your own for little or no cost, but there comes a point when you just have to suck it up and buy something that actually works.

I use a rotisserie motor I picked up at Goodwill. I bought two of them for $5. The only difficult part was working out the exact height to set them and how to attach the butt. So far they have worked out great.


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