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Sorry Chris - I just sent a note to you about this when I couldn't get into some items :) Guess I should have been paying more attention. I would personally recommend giving an item 2-4 weeks, but I'm fine with whatever is best for the forum. Thanks for a great resource.
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I agree with JohnB- I have done searches for gear for info on pricing, and also just for shopping and have come across ads from a long time ago that I contacted the seller about and have purchased from.
Even I've been contacted about forgotten gear and have sold it. Unless it's taking up a lot of space, I don't see how it would be worth your time having to weed through everything.
Yeah, this.
Seems to me that if the ads are locked and not deleted that an individual could check prices and start a conversation with the person who started the ad if necessary. It will keep old ads from getting re-opened by mistake.

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I've just added the functionality to cleanup after ads. I'm in process of testing this but the plan is to lock/close the ads after a period of time (2 weeks since last followup post?) and then soft-delete then after a period of time (1 month since the last followup post?).

Asking for your feedback. (1) How long until the ads are locked, and (2) how long until they are soft-deleted?

Soft-deleted, by the way, removes the ads from view but allows myself & the mods to view them if necessary. So just in case an issue pops up we can review someone's past history.

You will retain the ability to close / soft-delete the ad yourself, if you wish to before the automated process does it for you.

This seems reasonable to me. "Lock / close after two weeks since last followup post, soft delete after 30 days since last followup post."

Chris Scoones

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For now anyway I think we're set with locking the threads after 30 days of inactivity and calling it good with that. There will be no deleting of old ads so those that like searching old ads for reference will continue being able to doing that.

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