Building Fly Rods?

I am getting ready to build a couple rods, a 9' 7wt and a 9' 4 wt. I have built lots rods, just never a fly rod. I basically want some advice on what tpe of guides to put on them. Should I use single foot guides or double foot? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? What other things do I need to be concerned about with building a Fly rod?


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Supposedly the advantage of single foot guides is that they put less stress on the spine of the rod. I find that they're a bit of a pain to hold to the rod as you are wrapping thread, but then again, it cuts your thread wraps in half. I would say that there's a minimal difference in terms of fishability just going with snake guides. Of course, that's only my humble opinion.



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some say double foot guides make the rod stiffer?? Some say single foot guides are lighter?? Some say this, same say that??? If you wanted to, maybe post in the rod building section as you probably will get more answers there??

here is a link to the other forum if interested??

other concerns are finding the spine and where to space the guides. the link above may answer your questions, or point you in the correct direction????? :dunno

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I will post it over there also. I know how to find the spine and figure out guide spacing. Just wanted some opinions on guide types since i have never built a fly rod. Built lots of rods just not a fly rod.
Most of the rods I've built in the last decade have used single-foot guides, even heavy-duty spey rods. Obviously, I like them. I think that there's a significant weight savings in the wraps and finish (a single-foot guide has about the same amount of metal as a double-foot snake). Lines seem to move through both types equally well. Single-foot guides are very fast to add: I can put one on during the three-minute commercial break while watching TV! (For preliminarily placing guides, I use a kind of fast-melt, fast-setting wax stick, heated with a lighter. I don't remember the name of the product.)
The only disadvantage of single-foot guides is that they're more subject to being knocked loose by a tree branch. I've found a way to minimize that problem (learned from another rodbuilder): when you've wrapped up to the beginning of the upward arch of a single-foot, make your last few wraps (with the mono thread-puller loop in place) by pulling some slack off the thread spool, and take a 360 degree turn around the single foot base for each of about four rotations. This locks the single-foot in place securely.
I use single foot on most everything I build. Half the wraps, I am lazy and would rather fish than wrap rods.. Use the smallest plastic wire tie ( zip strip?) to hold guide on , then cut it off with blade as thread gets near. I did some pretty objective testing a few years ago tween snake guides and single foot Fujis, Fujis way less friction. Personally, I love fighting butts and would put one on a 7wt. Just my cents worth, you asked!
One of most significant differences between single foot fujis and snake guides is that I have never had to replace a single foot fuji because of guide wear and I've been routinely fishing them in saltwater on one or more rods for the better part of 25 years. I have not had much of a problem with dislodgement as mentioned in one post though I have had to replace one tip guide because the ceramic ring broke and I have also had to straignten up a few of the single foot fujis that got flattened a bit through rough handling.

One note of caution about the single foot fujis if you are inclined to use loop to loop multitip lines like Rio and Versitip. Make sure that guides on the tip section and the rod tip guide itself are large enough to easily accomodate the loop to loop knot. May not be as aesthetically pleasing as the smaller fuji guides but you won't have to worry about breaking the tod tip or dislodging either the ceramic ring and/or the shock ring.

My 2 cents--have at it! :thumb

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wrench said:
Use the smallest plastic wire tie ( zip strip?) to hold guide on , then cut it off with blade as thread gets near. I did some pretty objective testing a few years ago tween snake guides and single foot Fujis, Fujis way less friction.
The wire tie idea is a good one. I have had a heck of a time with doing single foot guides. Double foot guides are much faster to wrap, in my opinion.

I have heard that Fuji guides are both lighter and faster than snakes. I will have to build up my next rod with them. Which guides did you use, and what top? I have never seen anybody spec them for use on a fly rod.


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