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Guys, I really think it needs to be links within the post, not a link to another site with links back to this one. The reason being is that it won't be searchable.

You can edit your post anytime, to add things later.


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Holy Moly, Scott. Thanks for doing this. I've used a lot of your SBS to teach myself tying over the last year or so.


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Had a request on another forum to put together an index of the SBSs I've submitted, so I thought I'd do it here, too (as hyperlinks). Still some bugs to work out so please be patient; as always, comments/criticism are welcome/encouraged.

SBS Index

Secretly, I have started my own ScottP book of your SBS(s)...
Admiration and Enjoyment.
I say Thank you.

[That doesn't make me a stalker or groupie...I hope]