WFF Put Your Name Where Your Mouth Is

For those who would like to step up and change the user names to your actual names, let me know. Include your ID and name and it'll be done. Consider it the next step in the improvement of the boards tone. Many of you are known already and have posted your name openly so why not make it official and in doing so help to set an example for new members coming on.

Yes, after the change you would login using the new name provided instead of the old screen nic you were using. Yes, the rest of your settings including your password will remain the same. No, you probably won't get a heads up PM or email that's it's been completed, but it'll happen quick so after your post just expect it soon.

Only reply to this thread if you would like your ID updated to your actual name. Posts that are not name change requests will be deleted.

Thank you.

Chris Scoones
A lot of posts for you mine is Ron Simpson used to be ronsimmie thanks