2014 Saltwater Report (Pic heavy)

Chris Bellows

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Good times buddy! Can't wait to do it all again next year! Oh, but you forgot the FIL's king hookup on his first couple casts on the first day out at Neah! The only adult salmon hooked on our trip! ha Beginners luck is strong with that one!

nick came up with a sure plan for hooking kings on a fly at neah bay. just pick a record king year when the coho are no shows out there. should be simple enough to recreate.


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Nice job Nick. Great pics. It was a fairly decent beach year for me. Caught my first silver of the year at Ft. Flager in early August. That was my only fly caught silver. The next 47 silvers all came tossing herring from the beaches of area 10 and 9. Fishing was such that I did a little exploring and found three new spots that all produced fish. Nice to have a few more areas to go when one drys up. Fishing was fairly decent until the big rains we got. The days I got skunked I usually had my chances but couldn't close the deal. Never broke the 10 lb mark, though I lost a couple that would have but they ate me up. I decided that as much as I love fishing, I love catching even more. I got just as much satisfaction with a herring caught fish as a fly caught fish and I was getting many more bites on the herring. I just sold all my fly gear and am now an official evil herring tosser. :) I had only been doing it for three years or so but I guess I just didn't have the dedication to stick with it. My wife is happy. One less expensive sport to fund. Tight lines. See you on the beach next year.

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