Swap Intermediate/Beginners Anti-Cabin Fever Marathon Fly Swap

Just got an e-mail from Leaky Tiki that he hasn't received his flies yet. It's been four days, is there anyone else that hasn't received their flies. I mailed them from the UPS store instead of the post office on the 2d, if things got messed up I need to know.

Thanks guys.

Good News

Hey swappers,

I have great news, my flies arrived today!! They were misdelivered and whoever received them finally dropped the envelope on my porch today.

Thanks Ron and everyone for doing such a great job. I will try to get pictures up this week.

Tight Lines,
LT :beer2:
Ron , got my flies out in the mail to you today. I included alittle goodie in there for your efforts.
Let me know if you or any of the others want a recipe for that pattern. It's complicated and time consuming but, well worth the effort.
Was glad to hear that LT got his flies ( a good batch they were...)
Hey Marathon Swappers:
REE says that he has received only one-half of the participants flies for the November part of the swap. Octobers flies were great and I am looking forward to getting my hands on the November edition. Come on swappers get those flies mailed.
jesse the official cheerleader clark :thumb:
I am with ya here jessejames, lets keep this thing at 100 percent.

Doug has been calling me everyday and asking me "Are ya done? Have you sent those flies off ?" :confused:

So if anybody hasn't mailed theirs yet........... Lets get'er done :ray1:

LT :beer2:

BTW- I mailed mine yesterday
For the wet fly phase of the swap we have flies in from Vickie, Warren Perry, Matt Grunwald,
Randy Diefert, Leaky Tiki, ICConrad, Jesse James, Doug Patterson and Bob Ellis.

Theron Depaulo, Jim Williamson and Dan Soltau have let me know that the flies are in the mail and will arrive today (Hey! It's 6:13 AM) or tommorow.

No word of progress from Dylon Depaulo, Greg Gilliland, Andrew or Cvan.

Just a reminder for everyone (and I hope it is everyone) tying for the Christmas Contest. It's a one fly deal. Send in your one fly to be judged, hopefully photographed, and then returned to you.

Your swap flies will be mailed out not later than the third of December. If some swap members don't meet their committment I plan on distributing the extra flies among those that have their flies in.

January's flies are streamers and need to be in by Jan 31st. VEE already has hers done and they look really good. You'll be pleasantly surprised by these.

Tight Lines and Best Fishes


Yours were in the afternoon mail. Very nice flies. Very good looking hackle. I mistook yours for your brothers and let him know they had arrived. He was kind enough not to take credit for yours, but his are enroute.

Sorry to hear your workin so hard, or at least are so busy. Must not leave much time for fishing.

I got my Christmas Contest Fly done I am going to mail it the first of the week. I need to take it to the Eastside fly tying gathering on Friday and show it off first. All you Marathon swappers better get your creative juices working overtime because my entry is a real butt-kicker. :eek: I call it "Grande Ronde Rudy" it would be a killer summer run steelhead fly on the Grande Ronde River. :thumb: Go swappers get creative, any thing goes now...
jesse clark
To make the decision easier. I am withdrawing from the swap. Ron is a great swapmeister and hell of a nice guy for doing this. I failed to do my part ( not getting my flies done). So no hard feelings from me and please forgive me. I would like to do another swap someday. the first batch of lfies were great, keep up the good work. Sorry again and thanks for letting me participate. I have no one to blame but myself.


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