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...if there was no such thing as procrastination us Architects would be out of business! :thumb: aaaaah kidding of course!

Flies are in the hands of the United States Postal Service...hopefull Ron has them either tomorrow or Friday.

Youse guys hit the jackpot this month. Our buddy Randy Diefert has been busy at the vise. Not one, not two, but three streamers from Randy, and mighty fine ties they are, arrived at my mail box this afternoon.
The noon post brought flies in from Bob Ellis and Andrew. A double, now that's a treat.

So far we have flies in from Andrew, Dylon DePaulo, VEE, Warren Perry, Randy Diefert, ICConrad, Jesse James and Bob Ellis.

Last I heard Theron DePaulo, Matt Grunewald and Doug had mailed their flies, Jim Williamson was working on his, Dan Soltau was looking for more hooks to finish his up. No word from Leaky Tiki. LT, you out there, Buddy?

I've already photographed the ones that are in. The pics look pretty good.

Four days to go.



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Thanks for the confirmation Ron! I was worried that I didn't have enough postage on my package it seemed heavier than normal...I guess it was all that epoxy!

If you ever don't have time to take pics let me know! I bought a digital SLR for my next 10 years-supply-of-birthdays...It was an easy sell to the wife with our first due in 4 months :p



A digital SLR, cool. Which one? I bet it was an easy sell. Gotta have those first drool, first puke, first step pics ya know.

By the way, those are some pretty cool streamers. I'm sure everyone will love them.



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I bought the Canon EOS-10D, I replaced my 15 year old 35 mm EOS...cool thing is my lenses (310-70, 70-35, and 40-28) all fit the new body! I love when companies don't change their mounting platforms! I have a porter cable router that my grandfather bought in the 60's, the motor is history, however, the base fits the new router motors!

Can't wait to see these streamers...I might be heading to Omak in a month which I heard is a "streamer gig".

Thanks Ron!...and yes it was an easy sale, but when she saw the final price I was running for 'cover'!

Ron Eagle Elk said:
No word from Leaky Tiki. LT, you out there, Buddy?

Hi Ron,
Just dropped mine off at my local Post office. You should get 'em tomorrow or Monday at the latest.
I'll give Douger a call tonight as I think he said he mailed his in long ago. I'll make sure he didnt forget.:confused:
Tight lines,
LT :cool:
Thanks LT. I knew we could count on you. Todays mail brought in flies from Matt Grunewald and Dan Soltau. Some very cool looking flies if I do say so.

I was planning on hitting the Little D this weekend, but did something to my lower back whilst splitting fire wood. Guess I'm relegated to the Ben-Gay and heating pad for a day or two.


Sorry Guys, I made a major mistake. Doug's flies are here and have been for a while. I just missed them in my milk crate that serves as a collection point for flies. Apologies Doug.

Hi Again,

Theron's flies arrived safe and sound. Very nicely done, I might add.

If the back will allow me to stand up today, I'll get the rest of the photo's done, but I won't post them untill the flies are in the mail back to you. Sorry, no sneak previews.

Sorry about your bad back. When your back hurts you can't even sit and tie flies without it hurting. Hope your better soon. Sounds like everybody made it with their flies before the deadline way to go swappers. Can't wait to see what is in the goodie bag this month. Thanks for being the swapmeister Ron.
Say, you said you had a lot of the model railroad ballast left over from your Cased Caddis project, Could you put a little in my return package I would really like to try out that pattern. I am doing a "life cycle" caddis collection for the Spokane Flyfishers club raffle in March. Your cased Caddis would be a great addition to that set. :thumb:
Thanks jesse clark
Jesse, No problelm on the ballast. I'll include a little of each color so you can do your own mixing. That's the fly your all getting when we get to the nymph part of the swap. When I tie them, I tie a bunch.

Attention Swappers,

The streamers are in the mail as I type this. Everyone's flies were in on time, looked really good and should hit your doorsteps in a day or thirty.

Just a reminder that terrestrials are the fly of choice for this month and it's a short month. If you have arachnaphobia, be prepared, your getting one of VEE's spiders for the February fly.

Oh Yeah, I'm posting the pics now.



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