WFF is hosting a party with the Angling Exploration Group Nov 11th -14th


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If you all have this thing at the Skagit I will show up for a day to meet folks and maybe do a bit of fishing. My drinking days are long over with. I have had my share and will leave the rest for you guys. As far as camping goes. Marblemount in November does not appeal to me in the least. Do you guys have any idea how much it rains on the upper Skagit in November?

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I know the yak fishes very well in the winter. If we want to come for the fishing, that may be a good place, execpt the fact that there is no steelie fishing. But, this is angling exploation groups launch party, so it makes sence that they get they say in the matter. Im going fishing now.

I'm in


I don't care where or when this event will be held. All I know is I ain't gonna miss it. ( I've seen the trailer)
I should be able to help set up on Thursday so let me know if you need a hand. :thumb:

I am planning on being there Thursday and heading home Friday evening depending on the location of this gig.

Tight lines,

BTW, Did I hear that there was gonna be beer there? :confused:


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OK World Angler.....An Idea

Deception State Park......Why

1. Alcohol is allowed. (Lets get to the point)

2. Plenty of Camping area...showers and toilets. Tent, RV. w/ and W/o hook-ups

3. Pass Lake (for trout bums...need floating tube or pontoon) and Cranberry trout, perch, Bass. GOOD FISHING PLUS OPEN YEAR ROUND...both are adjacent to camping and park area

4. Cambell Lake (trout and Bass) don't know how Bass fishing is in NOV. Mostly a Perch and Bass Fishery. Less than three miles away.

5. Salt Water Fishing both at Deception Pass and Coronet Bay and 30-60 minutes away at varoius beach areas on Whidbey Island.

6. 30-60 minutes away .....Skagit ...Stilly ...Sauk...for thoses who need a river fix...Dollies and Steelhead less than an hour away...I's about 25 minutes to Burlington...from there lots of river fishing within 20-30 minutes

7. At Deception State Park there is an outside Amphitheater w/ big screen that seats 150 or plus (They have benches in rows elevated) next to campgrounds and in State Park...might need to reserve or ask for permission to use .....A Big Screen Board that could be used) ......I don't think Popcorn and Beer would be an issue ...except if the Old Man got a little overboard or Fortuna joined him)...Just a thought.


PS We probably could reserve several campsites together


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I've had problems with noise complaints at Deception State Park before. In fact, the jackass park ranger geek was threatening to send us to jail because we'd been drinking and obviously couldn't drive if we got kicked out. This was with a group of 5 people playing cards at a picnic table, so I can only imagine the trouble we'd cause with a huge group.


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I have camped there several times over last 4 years and there have been several rowdy High School...College Parties....Hoopin and Hollerin into the late hours and they were never kicked out.....Now I don't doubt you and it probably has a lot to do with timing and who is working the park at the time.....One thing is there will probably be a Ranger or two there......Plus is at that time of the year I doubt there is many campers

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Good idea for a location Porter, but I'd like to find a private campground we could rent out so we wouldn't bother anyone. We're also looking for a spot where there is a public campground close by that people can stay at who want to avoid the late night antics. I'm kinda leaning towards the Cowlitz.
I'll be there, of course.

The Cowlitz has a LOT going on at that time of year. The Kalama, the Elockoman just to name a few. My God this is world class fishing at this time of year! We would get fish there no doubt about it.

Not too bad a drive, really. NO passes, no mountains to speak of and there are some good lakes for the knowledgeable. No bridges for Jim to wet his pants about. :rofl:

Need a semi-remote campground of a private nature. A guy with little or no business at that time of year. Willing to be very FLEXIBLE given this chance to pick up some unexpected bucks. Kamp Kalama comes to mind and then there are all sorts of county jobs up the river, some private

We were good last year. Yes, we stayed up all night and hollered a lot. But so what? So what, I say.

Let's find this hungry dude and rent him out. I mean we don't require much.

Fish all you want.
SucK hoppes all you want.
Tell stories.
Act like an asshole.
Jump the fires.
Watch Ryan's stuff.
Meet old buddies.
Make new friends
Tie flies and learn new tricks.
Get some free stuff
Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy.

Bob, the I'll come :beer2: and just sit and watch and try to keep that damn Macrowdyand his side kick Bart away from me. :beer2: :thumb:

Hope the two dudes from Spokane can make it. There should be a special bus for dry side dudes. They need to come on over and hydrate a bit before the bitter, drying winds of winter tear their skin off.

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Hey,your right

Bob. No bridges except the Ship Canal Bridge. But there are ways around that one. All I have to do is take 405 to Renton and then down the back way to Centralia. I hate driving the freeways. Too many nuts out there. Besides you see more of the country going that way.

But now that we all know the dates it would be a good thing to know where.

I'm shooting for the Cowlitz region for quite a few different reasons. Bob suggested Kamp Kalama, anyone know of any other semi-remote private campgrounds anywhere in that region? Preferably somewhere that we can rent out the entire campground...

As an FYI, on Saturday night we'll be doing the official public screening of the video. Hopefully the weather cooperates, but I'll have a large tent for the viewing with a 70" projection screen. Should be fun :)
Kamp Kalama is far from semi-private, located as it is right off I-5. But it has a north end that is seldom used except in summer. They might go for it but we would have to be very upfront so they have no suprises. I don't know them.

But you build it Ryan, and we will come.

Bob, the Seems like there should definitely be something we would approve of and a free county job would probably not be patrolled at this time of year. :beer1:


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Any idea on what day the video will be shown? I probably wont be able to make the whole deal but would like to be there for the video. I am getting pretty excited!!!


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Don't worry, it will be fine. All we need to do is set some limits on discussions:

3 beer limit on politics;
6 beer limit on campfire ettiquite with ladies present;
9 beer limit on whether Oleander and Smolt really did discover a new planet.

Bart :thumb:

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