WFF is hosting a party with the Angling Exploration Group Nov 11th -14th

Head Count

The video will be shown on Saturday night, since that has the best chance of the most people being there.

The party will be November 11th - 14th in the Cowlitz area, exact campground to be announced at a later date.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Not to sure but if I make it will be 3 days and I hope there is enough beer for everybody else. Also what is the cost going to be. I remember once it was $35.00. So is that going to be what it is.


Chris Scoones

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I'm going to break that question onto another thread. Please respond on the other thread if you're going. No iffy responses unless you're Old Man.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Ok, any idea on where on the Cow it'll be? I know it sucks for bank fishing, but has lots of room, and liberal usage of alcohol/partying. But the Blue Creek Hatchery Campground. Can't reserve, but if someone gets their early enough, they can chord off an area. Plus, people can use it as a homebase and leave from there. Free to boot. Not sure how busy it'll be though, depends on the runs. LOL. I hate fishing there, but for get togethers, it's GREAT!

I won't post until I know. I want to come, just depends on a few things if I am able to show, and which days. Probably for sure on sat/sun. Depends on how my L&I case goes here shortly. Tired of going to these events recently (on a couple boards) when I can't fish. Like lots of foreplay, and no sex. LOL. But it's a river I despise to fish. So would be easier to attend then last years on the Hoh (which would literally kill me to be there and not fish lol).

agent montana

This Must be a sickness!! MARINATE!!!
There to conquer!!!

I will be attending the event..Don't know if I can make all four days..but I am damn sure going to try...I know you guys got kegs but I got access to Scuttlebutt Kegs as well if we need them..Just tell Rowdy to let me know!! But I am in!!!

the skagit would have been good, had they not cut off the chums. We would still have dollies, to fish for and steelhead
Just curious how the location hunt is going and if there is anything that anyone can do to help.

And when a site is chosen I have a pretty good map program for my GPS that I can print areas out for people to have.

I will try to figure out how to email them between now and then and if I figure it out I can do that at well.
We have a spot chosen that is perfect, but there are some complications we're waiting to work out, we should know if we have the place by the 23rd...

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Just thought I would ask

But has anybody came up with a site yet. And if it isn't in a park,what are the costs going to be. This old man would like to know as to what,where,and how much. Because the time for being there is getting closer.?????????????????

Well Jim, from what Ryan said they were supposed to find out on Saturday about a site. Let's hope that it is all figured out so we can get the ball rolling.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
That was for last saturday. And being that I'm on my last legs I have to know so I won't up and die before I get to go. It's hard enough to make plans and if they fall apart I have to go to my back up plan. I guess you can say this old man is a worry wart.

So I've never been on the Cowlitz, but have started doing my research.

For anyone that is familiar, is the stretch between boat launches at Barrier and Blue Creek mellow enough for a canoe?

...and if so, is that section fishy? My maps show sandbars and such that appear there is plenty of room to beach and fish along the way, but there's only so much you can get from a map, and I just won't have time to drive down there before hand. It could all be underwater for all I know.

If I need to ditch the canoe and bring pontoons I will!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Are you a skilled whitewater canoeist?

I've only floated that section once in a driftboat. There are a couple of sections that I wouldn't want to run in a canoe. There is one rapids that is rated class II, but when we went over it at 6200cfs in the driftboat, it was no problem.
I have a 13' Sportspal aluminum canoe, lined with foam and with thick foam sponsons on the outsides, mounted just below the gunwales. It is virtually un-capsizeable in flat water, and I take it on slower rivers all the time. During our float, I kept asking myself, "Would I want to be attempting this in my canoe?" My answer was often a resounding "No Way!!"

The float from Blue Creek to Mission would be safer in a canoe, once you made it past the hairball 90 degree turn at Blue Creek. I would pull over above the fast water there and line it around the inside bend on the left side of the river. Or if you are really good, and have two paddlers, and big cajones, try to shoot the fast water for a wild ride and provide some entertainment for the combat gear-fishers when you flip the thing! There are some other spots you might want to walk/line the canoe thru, but I forget exactly where.

But if you have a good pontoon, why would you want to attempt it in a canoe? In an often swift-flowing river, it is better to have two oars in the water at once to better control the boat. In a canoe, you must be paddling the damn thing faster than the current to have any control, and in fast water you should have two experienced paddlers to execute the insanity!

Just my humble opinion, for what it's worth.

Myself, I plan to check the flows and current speed at the launches at Blue Creek and Mission, and then decide if I want to power upstream (with my trolling motor) a short ways, or as far as I can, just to get some uncrowded water where I can cast. With all the partiers lining up(?), I volunteer to do my bit to thin the crowd. The runs in front of and above both launches looked do-able for this, if you know what you're doing. I'll make my final decision on whether to proceed with this plan at the boatramp.

By the way, I will be bringing two paddles and an extra floatation vest, just in case. But mainly if anyone wants to go with me to check out any nearby lakes that may be open, for variety's sake.


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