Swap Wooley Bugger Fly Swap?

Scott Behn

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I don't know how you guys feel about this but I'm thinking that being tomorrow morning is the deadline for sign-up that Oct. 2 should be enough time to get the flies done, what y'all think? Thats 3 solid weeks to do buggers. Then That following monday I'll ship them out.

By the way I think I'll tie up a beadhead olive bugger w/ purple hackle.
wholley Bugger swap (as in Sedro)

Hey Scott thanks for hosting the swap.
I'll join in if there's room still. Let me know right away though. I'm also in the Marathon swap but, should have plenty of time to do both.
Randy Diefert

Scott Behn

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Final list

Okay here is the final list:

Myself - olive beadhead w/purple hackle
Irafly - grizzly snarl
Papafish -
flylikeIdo -
Old Man - yellow w/brown hackle
Nooksack34 -
Diehard -
Joe M. -
Randy Diefert-

Bugger Fly Swap
12506 16th St. NE #A-5
Lake Stevens, Wa. 98258

All flys due no later then 02 Oct 04, which is a Sat., then I'll send them out on that following Mon.

Scott Behn

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I don't know I was looking for some input from all y'all about whether everyone wanted to do 2 ea. variations or just one. I myself would love to do 2 ea. I could do a trout type bugger and then one for steelies. anyone else have any thoughts?????
If I can still get in, I've got a great bugger pattern that'll just knock your socks off. I'm going to be production tying them for the shop I guide out of in MT, so I'll be in the mood to tye them anyway.

Scott Behn

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Okay... Longs for Cutts your in the swap. That makes 10 tyers can't take anymore...

We will go with 1 variation per tyer.

(Edit) I have been informed, by the love of my life, that I need to tie something for the winter runs...so I'm setting my variation on a green-butt bugger I use for winter steelies.

So lets have a great swap and lemme clarify that previous post I stated that flys have to be to me by 02 Oct. I should have said that they need to be mailed by 02 Oct 04, sorry about that folks.

Lets start tying.

Old Man

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Mine are coming along. I tied one up today and then threw it in the garbage can. It looked like shit. Well I think all of my flies look that way. I can't decide what size hook to use. I'm thinking a #6.


I'll vouch for Havok. He can't even fish right. :beathead:


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Mine are finished. But I did tie up a total of 20, so I'm just going to send them that way. Every one gets two each.
I did 10 lightly weighted, black marabou tails with gold highlites, black ice chinelle body and black neck hackle.
10 gold bead heads, yellow rabbit tails with pearl Kryastal Flash, olive chinelle body with yellow neck hackle.
Both sets on size 6 TMC 5262 down eye, 2X heavy, 2X long forged bronze hooks.
I'll put them in the mail Monday.

LB :)