Rod Turners for drying coating


Mark Steudel
For our last couple of rods, we just borrowed a rod turner from a friend. We no longer have access to it anymore, and are looking around at buying one. Any suggestions? My friend, had turned a portable bbq spit turner into a rod turner, the rod turners at cabelas are like 40 - 50 bucks. What do other people use?

Thanks, Mark
I use the $20.00 one from Cabelas. I use two wood screws to mount it to my wooden V block, (I use two to hold the blank when I wind thread.) Works great.


Idiot Savant
Caveat emptor

Ya get whatcha pay for...I bought two motors from Grainger. They are heavy duty and I'll never need to worry. Sure, they cost $25, but like I said, I never have to worry. If your budget is tight, take solace in the fact that there is little if any load on the motor if you're just turning one rod.
We carry a rod turning motor that runs $93. It has proven to be a great motor it is self standing and can run for hours without burning up. It also has a great chuck that can accomodate any part of a rod. It is not the cheapest model around, but if you are planning on building many rods I think it is a great value. You can view it a
If you want a real good rod driing motor that comes with an additional adjustable spring loaded stand to hold the other end- check out the rod smith from pacific bay. It sells for more but has a chuck that will fit tip sections all the way to big butted speys. They sell for $93 but you'll only buy one and it will last a long time. My oldest is about 7 years old and no telling how many rods it has turned. I have them- Rodboy
I started out with a homemade dryer made with a microwave turntable motor. The most difficult thing for me was mounting the chuck to the motor. I finally bought a double dryer on ebay for $35.00, and haven't had one regret.


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