T SOLD - Dyna King SideWinder Rotary Vise

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No more hot spotting
The original Dyna King Rotary Vise. I have had the pleasure to use this over the years when I was tying lots of flies. The midge jaws are still in an unopened packet. The jaws in the vise show some wear but work perfectly. Very heavy base (4+ lbs?), fully adjustable head (height, rotation speed). Fully adjustable cam locking jaws for unbelievable holding power - what Dyna King is known for.

Trade for:
Regal Medallion with base with some added cash
Loomis 905 or 904 IM6 Signature Series rod
Or ???

I just can not justify keeping it for the type and amount of tying I am doing now...

PM with thoughts/ideas... vise1.jpg vise2.jpg vise3.jpg
Not open for further replies.

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