SRC starting to head towards estuaries

For the last few months the SRC have been scattered in Puget Sound. It has been a hunt and seek game to find out where they were hanging out that day. I was out fishing in the saltchuck a couple of days ago and could not hook any SRC at their usual summertime haunts. The conditions were good with nice tide currents, overcast sky, and little wind. Once I got close to some estuaries, I caught some nice sized SRC. Hopefully, tomorrow my fishing buddy and I will be getting into some SRC in our favorite estuary if it is not windy.

Now that King and early run chum salmon are moving through Puget Sound and into streams, the SRC are in hot pursuit to follow them upstream to get an easy meal of eggs. In particular, those small estuaries which have chum runs will have many SRC in nearby areas from Mid-Sept through late November depending on the timing of the chum run into the creeks. Once the chum get near their home stream, they migrate close to shore and pull the SRC along with them. It is an exciting time to be fishing estuaries as there is the real possibility of catching nice sized SRC, silvers, and chum all in one day.

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