Upper green river

Yo guys, first post here on WFF. I fished the upper green river today just north of ravensdale. Went with 2 buddies of mine each of us caught and released at least 5 ten inch trout, and too many fingerlings to count. I had a good time out there for my first time fishing the river, and didnt find it too difficult to wade. I know this is a fly forum, but we all caught em on tiny panther martins. I just got my new fly rod in the mail today and will be hittin up the same section of the river with it ASAP. I am wondering though, what is the best dry fly or best overall fly for a 4 wt rod on the upper green. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated by this newb. Thanks

Kyle :beer2:

PS...my buddy said he saw a big ass steelhead that was at least 20lbs but was spooked as soon as he casted to it. how do you catch these bucks?


Try an elk hair caddis, parachute adams, and maybe some stimulators for the small trout.

Once I figgure out how to hook those damm steelhead, I'll let you know.



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ibn noted some good flies to try. Get a variety of the Elk Hair Caddis - various sizes and colors.

An another note - careful with all those smolt - chances are, the 'trout' you were catching were baby steelhead (even the 10 inchers) and the fingerlings could have been salmon. Wouldn't you prefer to allow them the best chance possible to grow up big and fat and really put a bend in your rod a few years from now? Sometimes you just can't help hook a few now and then - just handle them as little as possible, release them gently, and small barbless hooks (especially on those spinners) will help greatly.

Good luck and have fun. Dry fly fishing for trout is awesome :) Check out the cedar river and the forks of the snoqualmie as well. Always check the regs first...
how to catch green river steel...?

well ive hooked into two green river metal mouths...one of them was on a baitcaster with 15 lb line and a blue fox spinner...it immediately ran down stream tearin line off my reel...then after a few full out of the water jumps my line snapped..and i was a very unhappy camper...

next time i was fly-fishing with my 5 wt rod and using a small royal coachman (works great for the smaller trout) when i hooked into a monster steelhead right on the surface...after a 45 minute fight and swimming out to get it untangled off the huge boulders...i landed it (35 inches long...and very fat)

from my experience green river steelhead fight harder than other steelhead... ive caught a few out of the cowlitz the skookumchuck..and the carbon river in the winter..but none of them pull with the same strength of the green river ones...plus with the ultra clear water its hard to get close enough with out spookin them
Yeah the Cedar closed on Aug. 31

I am just confused as to the location of where he was fishing because Ravensdale is quite a ways north of the Green.

Here is a map showing Ravensdale and the Green River. The Green is near Franklin and goes through the Hanging Gardens State Park.
If you drive East or SE from Ravensdale there are places were you can access the green. I think he meant up river hence "north" by the hatchery and such. Great places to fish if you walk in :)
Did some Green River exploring this weekend but could not find Green River Gorge RD out of Black Diamond. Was the name changed or something?

Jerry Daschofsky

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Goose, the Green used to have a world class steelhead fishery. Grew up fishing it in fact, but mostly was on the Puyallup. You probably got ahold of one of the last big Nates in that river (or a big hatchery). Like on most rivers, a big fish will battle you good. But, pound for pound, I would say the big Nates on the coast are more known for tackle busting.

We used to love the Green. In fact, I went to college at GRCC, and was a bennie to going there. Fished alot in the mornings and after school. LOL. Some nice fish used to come out (was one of the top 5 rivers in the state for a long time there). I agree with chad, becareful on how you fish. Alot of those are future steelhead/salmon getting ready for their journey to the salt.