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This is pretty amazing, in my opinion. I remember very clearly pages around the number 15 of the fly tying forum. There were lots of swaps going on then. Lots of fl tiers have come and gone and there are the stalwarts; Norm Frechette and Scott P to name a couple. Really, there are too many to name. Thanks to all who have contributed to this particular portion of Washington Fly Fishing. I look every day and have "stolen" many patterns over the years. Keep it up, guys and gals. It makes my day, each day. :)

Norm Frechette


Professor - Streamer Style

Hook - Streamer style
Thread - Black
Tag - Flat gold tinsel
Tail - Red duck/goose quill fibers or red hackle fibers (depicted)
Ribbing - Flat gold tinsel
Body - Yellow floss or uni stretch (depicted)
Throat - Brown hackle fibers
Wing - Gray squirrel tail

Norm Frechette


Miss Pinky

Hook - Curved style
Body*- Pink floss with clear vinyl “D” rib over the top. Palmered with white ostrich herl. To add durability to the fly, use a dubbing loop on the ostrich.
Hackle - Hungarian partridge
Head - Peacock herl

* I used clear flat tinsel in lieu of "D" rib and applied a stripe of uv resin on top of the body to secure the ostrich herl


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PT’s Rose Caddis (Potter variation)

Another one from the Planettrout site. John Rose’s original is pretty much a Hairwing Dun with a shuck; added the flash rib from Dennis Potter patterns to get the fish’s attention.

hook - WFC Model 3 #12
thread - Veevus 8/0 tan
shuck - Zelon amber
rib - Mirage Flash opal
body - UTC 140 tan
thorax - Ice Dub uv tan
hackle - ginger
wing - deer hair bleached


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