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Norm Frechette


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Hook – Wet fly style
Thread – White under floss body, black for the head
Tag – Flat gold tinsel
Tail – Dyed red duck or goose quill segments
Ribbing – Flat gold tinsel
Body - Blue floss or uni stretch
Hackle - Brown hen
Wings – Mallard flank


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Found this on Michael Johnson’s site. Had a hell of a time with the tinsel tag; this is the 5th try and it’s still not right.

hook - BVFT Dry #10
thread - Danville 6/0 brown
tag - medium tinsel gold
abdomen - Depth Ray fire orange/resin
thorax - peacock herl
collar - hen furnace



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Those are sweet Brian, I usually try to taper cut the synthetics but they look better just leaving it the way it is.

I agree, not much of a fan of the squared off tails, but they seem to fish fine.
Rather then trying to taper them, I cut the ends directly from the back of the tail so the ends strands are slightly different lengths. It doesn’t look that way in the picture though.

I tied these a bit long and will trim them up if short strikes are a problem.


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super sexy. What is the pattern? Do you use them on bones and the like?
I watched different YouTubes on tying the pategrissen and sort of made my own variations. Mostly tied with hackle and dubbing. Some with drinking straw shell, some with floating fibers. Some raw, some boiled... :)

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