What's in your vise?


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Foremans Favorite Deerhair Sedge

hook - BVFT Dry #10
thread - Veevus 8/0 tan
tag- Depth Ray fire orange/resin
rib - medium tinsel pearl
body - dubbing hare’s ear
wing - deer hair
hackle - hare’s mask



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Nice flies but NOT deceiver style.

You’re right, edited. My intent was to tie some deceivery “style”stuff but bailed due to materials. Thought must have been stuck in my head.

Hopefully you did NOT to lose any sleep over my naming snafu ;). I’m kidding, deserved to be called out.


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Raymond Bumble (variation)

Found this version here; came across a hen skin I haven’t used often while rooting around for some decent brown partridge and decided to give it a shot.

hook - WFC Model 6 #8
thread - Uni 8/0 fire orange
tail - golden pheasant crest
rib - small wire gold
body - dubbing golden olive
body hackle(s) - red/yellow
collar - mottled hen


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