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Muddled Mak’s Cormrant

Added a little buoyancy to his neat, little fly.

hook - BVFT Dry #10
thread - Veevus 8/0 black
rib - medium tinsel Holo Red
body - peacock herl
wing - marabou black
head/collar - deer hair dyed black (1 Tbs Rit Dark Brown/1 cup water, overdyed with 1 Tbs Rit Black/1 cup water)

A variant of your fly and Buzzy's leech with a muddler head fly- with Chartreuse instead of red, a tail and a couple of strands of glow in the dark flashabou. A promising addition to my new walleye box


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After realizing that I didn't have the right materials for Silver Surfers or Goldies, I made do with what I had and am quite happy with the results! The SRC seem to like them too.

Marabou and a couple of strands of flashy stuff for the tail, uv polar chenille for the body, and a cone head on a size 6 2546 Daiichi. A couple have a blood red chenille collar.

It's basically a super basic and flashy woolly bugger.

Edit: I waffled on posting these crude and simple flies as they are so bland compared to some of the works of art in this thread but you gotta start somewhere.

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Norm Frechette


I don't tie them with traditional materials but I like to substitute the microfibett tails with moose body hairs and the fluffy wing with z-lon or antron yarn

Using your imagination, there's more colors and color combinations that can be tied. Try using different materials such as pheasant and turkey tails.

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