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Thanks for the tip; I might have a few suitable marabou feathers hiding in my stash. I'll post if I get a nice fly out of some experimentation.
Tie it by the tip and let the feather dictate which way it wants to bend, then position accordingly. Also as you wrap it, hackle pliers help as you can twist/spin it (usually counter clockwise) to get it to lay more flat/backwards if that makes sense. Can also pinch the stem with your thumb as you wrap. That will help make it look more like a spey fly than a cannonball or other marabou-focued patterns. Not sure if that makes sense.


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Pretty much done with these for now. I'll always have these on the river.
And done with the confidence Stillwater box too. The boobies are new, and looking for THE damsel pattern besides the heather Nymph, on to wiggle shank videos.

Ian Horning

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Is that tip pearl over tinsel or regular pearl over the hook? It looks killer next to the chartreuse. That's a great combination of drab naturals and UV. Profile is really unique, too.

Oh, and farming a hookset is its own punishment. I hope to be so lucky to find enough fish to make this mistake at least once.

True that.

The tag is Opal Mirage Tinsel. Super reflective stuff, semi translucent so the thread will show through but not as much as the pearl. Under the tinsel is a solid base of light olive/lime colored thread.

I really like it next to blue as well.

Norm Frechette


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Category - Nymph/Midge fly

Hook - Straight or jig style
Bead - Brass or tungsten in gold, silver, black etc
Thread - Your favorite color
Tail - Coq de Leon feather fibers
Ribbing - Silver, gold, copper wire
Body - Tying thread
Thorax - Ice dubbing in pink, orange, yellow etc

Add a band of hot orange thread behind the bead if desired


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Putting a lot of pink stuff laying around on the table to work.

hook - WFC Model 6 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 fluoro pink
rib - small wire silver
tail - marabou dyed hot pink (1 Tbs Rit Fuchsia/4 cups water)
body - Ice Dub Hot Pink
body hackle - grizzly dyed hot pink
collar/head - pronghorn dyed hot pink


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