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Ever the tinkerer, I extended the body with an additional shank plus a fastach clip so that I can remove that and exchange with another, shorter body/eyes. I also did more of a bulkhead to hopefully give more of an impression of the fins on the mantle. This one came in at 9 inches.

edit: I'm not thrilled with how the mantle looks. I didn't tie anything onto the clip....that might be the ticket....more to come.



it's a little messy since it's dry, but once wet, it'll smooth out...

Slick idea


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Struggling with these little iron lotus, besides the tail being too long. Probably just cut it off when I tie it on. As am trying to .......
...... to replicate the top one now, which I think are summer/winter caddis. Seem to show up often.
20210123_120651 (2).jpg


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anyone have input on how maribou will differ from Arctic fox in action? The pattern called for the fox but didn’t have any in orange.
Personally I like them both. I've never had an issue with either breaking due to colder temps as others seem to have had. Honestly though, for that type of fiber, depending on how long you're after, I like Finn Raccoon for a little longer, and Arctic Fox for slightly shorter. I still use marabou, but prefer the others in terms of length and having equal to better movement. Then again, (quality) bucktail is highly underrated for its movement & sheds water better. Personally, I've never noticed much of a difference in catch rates between any of those materials. Use what you have confidence in & what casts the best and roll with it. All that said, I'd fish that fly of yours any day of the week!


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