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Thanks! I can’t tie a baitfish worth a damn, but I really like shrimp flies for some reason.

Other sources of silicone /plastic strips I’ve tried are latex gloves, condoms, plastic from hook bags, and sandwich bags. The ziplock ridges on sandwich bags can be a good way to add ribbing at the same time as backing to the shrimps as well, but the material is a bit stiff.

Great, now I need to add condoms to my fly tying materials list.

This should be a fun one to explain to the wife...


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Using all my energy to break out of a mental funk.
Stillwater is the objective, a strange articulated amalgamation of materials designed to stoke interest or aggression is my challenge.
UV light for a dramatic presentation as well as curing.

Spawnfly micro shanks 90°/15mm
Fnf Creeper chenille
Ahrex Gammarus #12
Marabou, glass seed beads, squirmy wormy, Semper Fi Straggle String



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Spruce Moth (Italian Caddis style)





Loop-dubbed ungulate bodies & heads make for a floating fly; found them here. Need to test-drive it to see how it floats; may have to trim the underside flat.

hook - WFC Model 3 #12
thread - Veevus 8/0 tan
body - pronghorn (loop dubbed)
wings - sharptail grouse/resin
collar/head - pronghorn (loop dubbed)

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