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Another summer fly because I can’t convince myself I need to tie up some scuds and Zebra’s for the coming tailwater season. Changed a few of the materials based on what was within my grasp.

hook - WFC Model 3 #14
thread - MFC 8/0 sand
tail - grizzly hackle fibers
rib - x-small wire silver
abdomen - turkey flat fibers light dun
thorax - dubbing coyote
hackle - grizzly
shellback/wing - FTD Parachute Post Yarn hot orange



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Not as sexy as Billy’s, but a couple for the smallie box this spring.
I’ve had a Martinelli whip finisher for at least 30 years and finally kind of taught myself how to use it tonight. I felt like a total spaz trying to figure it out. Old dog, new tricks....

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I bought one last year Brian and really like it now after a rough learning curve.
Nice flys.

Norm Frechette


Bogan Special

Category - Atlantic Salmon

Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H
Thread - Black
Tag - Oval silver tinsel, red chenille, black chenille
Rib - Oval silver tinsel
Body - Chartreuse chenille
Wing - Green bucktail
Eyes - Painted black over white

Fly Patterns of Canada - Paul Marriner
Never been a big fan of Chernobyls but this one is real nice.

Thanks. It’s mostly copied from the Fly Fish Food video on YouTube. Short heavy #12 Firehole hook, Golden Brown ice dub body. The legs and lower foam body are very light olive, but it doesn’t show with the indoor lighting.

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