What's in your vise?


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I've seen this listed as an Enrico Puglisi pattern. Any chance he appropriated it from Galloup?

Not sure. The basic recipe of tail, body, wing can only be tweaked so much.

So to some degree I think we are all pretty much tying the same stuff.

Struggling to find motivation lately - but turning a corner, made a trip to avid on Friday for a little inspiration - we have been saving money in hopes of one day being able to buy a house so it had been a few months since I’d been in, they have a really good selection of feathers right now! Had to exercise a lot of self control

Good job on saving for a house.

I'm on the other end of that spectrum. Now that I got my nymph box full and moved to streamers I'm obsessed. Happens every spring though as things are about to really get going here.


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Make-Do Muddler (Michigan body)





hook - WFC. Model 6 #8
thread - Uni 6/0 camel
underbody/shuck - Congo Hair white
body - deer hair
wing - Congo Hair white
shoulder - sharptail grouse
head/collar - deer hair

Hadn’t planned on being in the desert southwest for more than a few days (3 weeks and counting) so ending up bringing a basic tying kit for mostly tailwater nymphs/scuds/sowbugs, which, with a fractured wrist, I’m probably not going to get much use of now. The only ungulate hair I have is a piece I just bought on EBay which, although way too skinny/tippy for the smaller flies I intended it for, worked well enough on this size iron. Don’t know how the Congo Hair slipped in my bag but I was happy to see it.


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