What's in your vise?

Norm Frechette


Cypert's Minnow

Charlie Cypert Originator

Hook - Mustad R74-9672, size 2- 8
Thread - White
Eyes - Bead Chain
Tail - Teased out mylar piping
Body - Ultra Chenille
Overbody - Mylar piping pulled over eyes and tied in back

Color choice is up to the individual tyer. A google search shows many other color options.
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What did you use for the hackle?
Guinea Fowl
Full recipe:
-Purple thread
-Gold tinsel tag
-Tie off and coat with thin layer of UV resin, cure
-start black thread
-purple senyo’s laser dub
-guinea fowl hackle
-finish, UV coat the head

I used the partridge as well and it’s fine, the Guinea just looks cooler, but I didn’t have enough small enough feathers

Norm Frechette


Martinek's Golden Smelt

Created by Michael Martinek, Jr.

Hook - 6XL streamer hook, size 2
Thread - Red and black
Tail - Grizzly hackle tips
Butt - Red thread used to secure body
Body - Pearlescent mylar tubing for 3/4 body. Throat region is red thread
Throat - Red calf tail, short
Wing - Black bear over light brown bucktail over white bucktail
Head - Painted black over white

Norm Frechette


Double N

Category - Smallmouth, largemouth bass, panfish

Hook - Mustad R72-9671, #4 - #10
Head/Weight - Gold Bead, 10 - 12 wraps of .020 Lead/lead free wire
Thread - White
Tail - Olive Grizzly Marabou
Body - Pearl UV Ice Dub
Throat - Olive Grizzly Marabou
Wing - Olive Grizzly Marabou
Collar - Red UV Ice Dub

I used olive grizzly (barred) marabou but this fly can be tied in any color such as tan, grizzly or even solid color marabou

Reference - Dressed Irons - YouTube

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