What's in your vise?


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I will definitely check. They are in Washington. At least they were...
I wondered the same thing about the TMC spade point barbless hooks. There is no barb, but there are sharpened edges on either side of the point that will open up your thumb and probably cause a fair bit more mouth damage than just a point.


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Here is the definition of a barbless hook copied from the Oregon 2021 angling synopsis:

  • Barbless hook: A hook manufactured without barbs or a hook with the point barb removed or bent down to the hook shank.”

Norm Frechette



Ribbing - Dark red floss

Body - Peacock herl

Wing - Jungle cock body feathers back to back

Collar - Grizzly hen


Sculpin Enterprises
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That looks great Lou.
Might tie some in black as well.
I believe it was @cabezon who mentioned they turn black when spawning. The males if I remember correctly.
This photo was taken in June.

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Hi SF,
Yes, the females will be releasing their babies (miniature adults) any day now. The males then mate (internal fertilization) with the females. The females retain the sperm until fall when they ovulate and their eggs are fertilized.

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