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Somewhere along the line of time passed I must have read about the technique, tools and benefits of a "hackle stacker" but along that line of time passed I'd completely forgotten about it. I guess google and youtube are your friends. Interesting.
I've never heard of it.


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Hope to meet up with some westies next week; visibility shouldn’t be a problem.

hook - WFC Model 11 #12
thread - UTC140 fluoro orange
core - 20lb mono
tail - moose body
body - 1mm foam orange
wing - Congo Hair white
collar/head - pronghorn hair dyed orange - (1 Tbs Rit Sunshine Orange/2 cups water)

The balanced Leech has worked successfully in every lake I’ve fished this year. I use it most when wind and waves are sufficient to jig the indicator. A medium sized indicator is necessary to float the bigger tungsten beads.

Hook: Daiichi 4640 size 8
Pin: #16900 size 17
Bead: 3/16” hareline black nickle
Dubbing: Arizona Simi Seal Black/blue
Tail: black marabou with flashibou
Thread: black

Tying notes: some experimentation necessary to balance the fly
Many of the pins slip through the hole in the bead
Simi seal has fine strips of blue/purple mylar

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Norm Frechette


Dandy Green

Hook - Mustad R73-9671, size 6-10
Weight (Optional) - Lead/lead free wire
Thread - Olive
Tail - Greenish gray ringneck pheasant body feather fibers
Body - Mixture of 50% olive, 30% yellow and 20% green dubbing
Legs - Greenish gray ringneck pheasant body feather fibers tied
in at each side and extending to the middle of the body

Body can be ribbed with dyed green monofilament

Popular Fly Patterns - Terry Hellekson

Norm Frechette


Spruce Nymph

Hook - R73-9671, size 8-14
Thread - Black
Tail - Peacock sword fibers
Ribbing - Gold wire. Rib body and thorax
Shellback - Natural gray goose quill section
Body - Pale yellow and red dubbing mixed in equal parts
Thorax - Peacock herl
Hackle - Badger tied on a collar and tied back

Popular Fly Patterns - Terry Hellekson

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