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Norm Frechette


Mylar Minnow

Hook - Mustad 9671, 9672 or equivalent
Weight (optional) - Lead/lead free wire
Thread - White or clear sewing thread
Tail - Marabou
Under body - Floss, yarn etc. tapered to shape. Color the back with a marker
Over body - Pearl mylar piping
Eyes - Painted black over yellow
Gills - Red marker

Overcoat the entire body with epoxy or UV resin if desired


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Adams Stimi (lough style)




Only thing changed was addition of body hackle, thorax and orientation of front hackle (tip-tied).

hook - Sierra 2312 #10
thread - UTC 140 grey brown
tail- elk bleached
rib - xsmall wire silver
body - tying thread
body hackle - grizzly (undersize by 2)
wing - elk bleached
thorax - Ice Dub Hare’s Ear brown
hackle - furnace/grizzly



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Deer hair popper
Hook: TMC 8089 #6
Weed guard: 20# mason hard mono
tail- silicon rubber legs: chartreuse, white and black barred and olive
Body: Olive over black over charteuse over yellow deer hair
Legs: silicone rubber pulled through the body with a needle
head: red deer hair
Eyes: 5 mm
The bottom and face of this is coated in softex
Really nice Rich.

Jack Devlin

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Adams Semi-Stimi




Found this here. Actually more of a Sofa Pillow since the back half’s not hackled; similar to Tim Sickles Naked Stimi.

hook - Sierra 2312 #10
thread - UTC 140 grey brown
tail- elk bleached
rib - small wire silver
body - tying thread
shellback - pheasant tail
wing - elk bleached
hackle - brown/grizzly

Scott, you have surpassed perfection. Love it.

Norm Frechette


Royal Renegade

Hook - Mustad 94840 or equivalent

Thread - Red, brown or black

Tag - Flat gold tinsel

Rear hackle - Brown

Body - Peacock herl, red floss or tying thread, peacock herl

Front hackle - White/cream

The Royal Renegade can be fished either as a wet fly or dry fly. As a dry fly, the Royal Renegade can be cast upstream towards feeding trout. The double hackles provide excellent floatation and visibility.

Another method is to cast across and slightly upstream, letting the fly float downstream. Once the fly is below you, pull it upstream as a wet pattern.
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Softhackle Hairwing




Didn’t remember dyeing stuff in rust ; found the bag digging for something else and liked the color. With a bit of imagination, it’s sort of an October Caddis; I’ll skip the thorax next time since it gets buried.

hook - Sierra 7999 #8
thread - UTC 70 burnt orange
tail- pheasant rump dyed rust (1 Tbs Rit Sunshine Orange, 1 Tbs Rit Golden Yellow/1 cup water)
rib - small wire copper
underbody - Orvis Saltwater thread fluoro orange
body - medium tinsel pearl
thorax - aftershaft dyed orange (1 Tbs Rit Sunshine Orange/ 1 cup water)
wing - deer hair
shoulder - pheasant rump dyed orange
hackle - badger dyed rust


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