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Sorting out dryfly boxes today! View attachment 171579 Wally wings mayflies & Parachute Adams flies! View attachment 171581 This is full of caddis flies, leave Sunday morning to go up North, only a short trip this year, 1 week cos' i have other obligations! But time to just be by myself in the 24h sun!
You actually use these flies. I always thought that you threw those big flies for Pike all the time.:p:p:p
You actually use these flies. I always thought that you threw those big flies for Pike all the time.:p:p:p
Yep! Dryfly fishing is actually my favorite kind of fishing, it's what got me interested in the first place! Where i live is not a good dryfly area, but i've always thought & said if you can't live where you want to fish, learn to fish where you live!


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Hot Ginger

Looking thru the RIT formulas for a good ginger; decided to give Mimosa a boost. Won't make a bit of difference to the fish.

hook - Dai Riki 135 #8
thread - MFC 8/0 cream
core - 8lb Mason
tail - moose body bleached
body/head - 1mm foam cream
wing - Congo Hair white
legs - medium rubber golden stone
thorax - shmootz from the base of hackle
hackle - grizzly dyed hot ginger (1 TBS RIT Golden Yellow/1 cup water; overdyed with RIT Mimosa - 4 Tsp RIT Golden Yellow, 1/2 Tsp Rit Camel/1 cup water)

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Thick and thin of the "purple people eater"......

Two weeks ago I was fishing a lake near Kamloops - on the first day at this lake the fishing and catching were superb. A blue bead head chromie was the key. The next morning, brimming with confidence I knotted on the same chromie. The indicator sat there (and sat there). I adjust depth, moved a little. I could hear splashing behind me and turned to see my buddy Keith netting a fish. I heard splashing again and then again. He was onto something. I finally hollered at him asking what he was using and got this grin and response "purple people eater". Five minutes go by, he's netting another fish, my indicator is just sitting there when Keith yells at me (I am hard of hearing, it was windy) "You want one"?

I reel up, pull in my anchors and row over. He hands me a big purple ice cream cone. Thanking him, I let the "W" blow my pram back to where I'd been. I new I had some purple midges in one of my midge boxes. I found the "skinny" one and tied it on. I honestly don't think the fly had quite sunk to the bottom when my indicator shot underwater and a trout nearly jumped in my pram. I guess purple people eater works for me as a fly name.

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