What's in your vise?

Sometimes the simple stuff works best. Anybody still fishing Dry Falls in season? Years ago a juicy Nyerge's Nymph was big medicine on big trout. Have not fished there in over 20 years.


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@Stonefish Went to the flyshop yesturday & bought this, Gulff Ambulance Hot FL. Red & made a few today by tying a knot on the end of Stroft 0.50 mono & dipping the knot end into a little bit of UV resin on a empty beer carton. View attachment 182844 View attachment 182845

Those look great and thanks for sharing that.
Probably cheaper in the long run then buying the pre-made ones.
I really like that Gulff is offering UV cure in colors.

I'm going to mess around and make up a few using this technique with the clear UV Solarez thick and some small beads I have.
I have some old red nail polish that I used many moons ago for painting steelhead jigs before I switched to using vinyl paints.

Occasionally, some have asked for critiques of their flies. For those maybe looking to "tighten" up their fly tyin', there are many resources available - from YouTubes, DVDs, and Books. Some books I found very helpful, with step-by-steps, have been...
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