What's in your vise?

First fly of the year, Fulling Mill pike hook #6/0, tried a bucktail head & had a idea to put a small washer to keep the face flat, worked good! Also like this hook because the shank is a bit longer & can fit more junk on there! Also says on the packet from Japani, not some bullshit text trying to make people think it's not from China! View attachment 187920 View attachment 187921 View attachment 187922 View attachment 187923 View attachment 187924 View attachment 187925 View attachment 187926
A big pearl sequin sitting in front of the washer would top this off perfectly. Great tie regardless.



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OPFF Six Pack (variation)

An old B.C. stillwater pattern (not sure if it came before/after the Carey Special, with which it shares some DNA); added an aftershaft thorax. First chance I've taken to use the rump patch I dyed in the ongoing search for picric.

hook - Dai Riki 730 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 light olive
tail - pheasant rump dyed light olive (1Tbs Rit Neon Yellow/1 cup water)
rib - small wire gold
abdomen - pheasant rump dyed light olive (twisted)
thorax - pheasant aftershaft dyed light olive
hackle - pheasant rump dyed light olive


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