What's in your vise?


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Procter's Barfly

Kind of a Cock Robin on acid.

hook - Dai Riki 075 #8
thread - MFC 6/0 fire orange
tag - tying thread
tail - golden pheasant rump, yellow over red
rib - oval tinsel gold
abdomen - Ice Dub yellow
thorax - Ice Dub Rust/Simi Seal red/dubbing hot orange
1st shoulder hackle - golden pheasant rump red
2nd shoulder hackle - yellow
3rd shoulder hackle - hen badger

Here's a trick I like to adjust the profile while the resin cures. 2-part epoxy in this case, but works with UV as well. I cut the top off a hook package (the thick/flexible type) and slide it over the fly head. Makes it easy to align the fibers and adjust the head shape. The plastic peels off when cured leaving a smooth surface.


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