What's in your vise?

Here's a trick I like to adjust the profile while the resin cures. 2-part epoxy in this case, but works with UV as well. I cut the top off a hook package (the thick/flexible type) and slide it over the fly head. Makes it easy to align the fibers and adjust the head shape. The plastic peels off when cured leaving a smooth surface.

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My luck...I'd have my fingers "cured" to it... :oops:


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Procter's Hot Summer Day

hook - Dai Riki 075 #8
thread - MFC 6/0 fire orange
tail - golden pheasant tippet
rib - oval tinsel gold
abdomen - Starburst dubbing copper
body hackle - dyed sunburst (1Tbs Rit Golden Yellow/1 cup water)
front hackle - hen dyed orange (1Tbs Rit Sunshine orange/1 cup water)
head - Ice Dubbing hot orange

Coq de Leon Sculpin

Excellent, lightweight high-profile sculpin pattern which performs well fished through shallow riffles and along shallow dark bottomed shorelines in the Spring. Sculpins tend to congregate in these shallow water area as they warm first in the Spring.

Hook: Firehole Stick 811 #2
Thread: UTC 140 Fluorescent Orange
Weight: 10-15 turns .015 lead free wire
Tail: Four Medium Pardo Coq de Leon Rooster cape hackles tied deceiver style.
Tail Flash: Copper Polarflash
Fin: Red fox fur
Body: Brown zonked Pine Squirrel
Head: Two Dark Pardo Coq de Leon Saddle hackles featherheaded
Eyes: Small stick on eyes sealed with UV Cured cement

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