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Beautiful fly and perfectly tied. Have you fished this yet? I would think the extra weight on the back would cause the fly to flip over and ride upside down.
i have not fished it. as of the time i took the photo it was still a bit tacky and waiting a coat of sally hansens

i am a firm believer that any fly will tumble and turn over at some point in the drift of the fly. do the fish neglect it if does? probably not


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I always consider scud flies as 2-minute, throwaway ties (since I tend to lose a bunch) and don't spend much effort tying - ostrich herl, wire rib and a wrap of hen hackle in front. Saying that, this is a beautiful pattern; I may not want to tie it for fishing, but I'd love to tie it for tying sake. Thanks so much for posting.



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I see what you doing with the wing cases. How do you do that? I was looking at the chromie pics and wondering around adding them

After looking closer, one did not come out right because I was too impatient. I use a fluorescent fabric paint. I squirt a little out on piece of cardboard and then use my bodkin to gently paint on the wing buds. I let it dry and then coat it with UV resin to make it stronger.

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