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Hollywood's Picric Golden Olive Mayfly (variation)

hook - Dai Riki 075 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 light olive
tag - Danville Depth Ray fire orange
tail - bleached pheasant tail dyed picric sub (1Tbs Rit Neon Yellow/1 cup water)
rib - small wire gold
body - dubbing dark golden olive
body hackle - dyed WOI golden olive (3 Tsp Rit Golden Yellow, 3/4 Tsp Rit Tan/4 cups water)
1st shoulder hackle - woodduck flank
2nd shoulder hackle - partridge dyed yellow (1 Tbs Rit Golden Yellow/1 cup water)
3rd shoulder hackle - chukar partridge dyed picric sub



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Krzysztof's Olive Dun

Started out as an attempt to come up with a sooty olive; dull dun grouse plus bright dye yielded an interesting result.

hook - Dai Riki 075 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 pale olive
rib - brassie wire chartreuse
tail - hackle olive
abdomen - tinsel pearl
thorax - peacock herl
hackle - hen grizzly
shoulder hackle - dusky grouse dyed olive (1Tbs Rit Neon Yellow/1 cup water)

Nick it looks like you have been tying with rabbit a lot more lately. Is this just exploring some new techniques are have you been fishing patterns like the one above more for those cutts and coho?

I would say I've tied and fished with rabbit more in the last year or so than any other time I've been fly fishing the salt. Not for any particular reason, just that its easy to work with and moves so dang well. I have fished patterns very similar to this one for cutthroat with good success, but not this particular pattern with the Spawn head, simply because I haven't had a chance to fish since I first bought some of these heads.

The owner of the Spawn company posted a similar pattern on IG the other day and stated he has great success with it cutthroat. I dug the way it looked so I tied this one up. A little different than his but same concept.

Mostly just playing around with ways to incorporate these heads right now.

I haven't fished bunny patterns for winter coho a whole heck of a lot, mostly just because I prefer to avoid flies with much of a tail to lessen short strikes, but I do tie a small bunny bait fish type pattern that has produced very well on winter coho.

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