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Houston's Myles Mayfly (variation)

I would love to try this up at the First Meadow and see what the stupid cutts think.

hook - Dai Riki 300 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 pale olive
tail - pheasant tail
rib - oval tinsel gold
body - Swiss Straw olive
wing - deer hair olive
hackle - olive
shoulder hackle - chukar dyed olive (1Tbs Rit Golden Yellow, 1 Tsp Rit Dark Green/1 cup water)



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Fuchsia & Blue Mayfly

Adventures in dyeing; aiming for magenta but came up a bit short. The Rit Fuchsia was very intense; need to work on concentration and time in dye bath and maybe add a bit of violet (or scarlet?).

hook - Dai Riki 075 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 wine
tag - Danville Depth Ray fire orange
tail - bleached pheasant tail dyed scarlet
rib - oval tinsel silver
body - dubbing claret/magenta/Ice Dub purple
body hackle - hen grizzly dyed silver doctor blue (2 packs Koolaid Ice Blue Raspberry/1 cup water)
shoulder hackle - chukar partridge dyed fuchsia (1 Tsp Rit Fuchsia/1 cup water - 1 minute)



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Prototype Polychaete Worm

Hook: Firehole Stick 811 #4 or #6
Thread: UTC 140 Fluorescent Orange
Weight: Bead or lead free wire on shank
Tail: Finn Raccoon
Body: Red Zonked Pine Squirrel wrapped on shank
Rib: BR Ultrawire Red or Copper
Overbody: 1/4" Furry Foam Strip Top and Bottom Colored with marker

This is an adaptation of the Pine Squirrel Woolly Bugger without any flash. The only addition are the furry foam strips which force the pine squirrel fur to splay horizontally. Adaptable to any color scheme required.


(not really a sea otter)
Like the idea of the horizontal fur. I’ll have to try that for the nudibranch pattern I’ve been playing with.

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