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McDonald's Clamber Bumble (variation)

hook - Dai Riki 075 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 wine
tail - woodduck flank
rib - oval tinsel gold
body - dubbing claret/fiery brown
body hackle - dyed golden olive (2 1/2 Tsp Rit Golden Yellow, 3/4 Tsp Rit Tan/4 cups water) and claret (1 Tbs Rit Wine/1 cup water)
cloak - woodduck flank
shoulder hackle - Mearns Quail (jay substitute) dyed blue (1 Tbs Rit Aquamarine, 1/8 Tsp Rit Kelly Green/1cup water)



Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
GLoomis GLX 6 wt 9 ft with Rio Outbound short (intermediate). I can feel the resistance of the clousers as I cast. The poppers are easier to cast than the clousers. Any suggestions?
6 wt OBS short?
How long of leader are you using with the clousers and what weight clouser eyes?
That’s a good rod for fishing the beaches.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
Thanks - the rod was wedding gift from the wife 10 years ago.
Eyes are Psuedo Eyes 3/16. I usually fish the salt with a 6ft leader. Should I go shorter on the leader or decrease the eye weight or both?
I’d consider going down to 5/32 eyes if you are having trouble casting the 3/16 on your 6 wt.
Leader length should be fine for clousers but try adding or subtracting a foot to see if that helps.
I’d go at least 9’ with the poppers.
Good luck out there.
CDL Bottom Feeder Sculpin
Inspired by Greg Miheve's Bottom Feeder pattern (Inshore Shore Flies, Schollmeyer and Leeson, (2000).
Hook: Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H #4 - Hook is bent 30-45 degrees toward hook eye.
Thread: UTC 140 Black
Eyes: Pseudo Eyes tied in at bend
Tail: Red Crystal Flash
Body: Gold Polar Flash seal with UV cement
Wing flash: Gold Polar Flash
Wing: Four paired medium pardo Coq de Leon hen hackles
Throat: Fur from Coyote mask.

Fish like a Clouser, close to bottom

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