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Simple mallard flank/flash chum fry. After watching all my super complex saltwater flies get destroyed on rocks or swim sideways, I found it pays dividends to keep it simple. Mallard is great because it is simple, durable, looks fishy, moves well, pushes water.... the list goes on. Add some flash, and add that these flies rarely, rarely foul or twist, and you've got a pattern you can fish all day confidently.


bob church's appetizer
lure (fry pattern)

hook - long nymph/streamer style
thread - white then finish with black
tail - green and orange hackle fibers mixed and topped with mallard flank fibers
ribbing - oval silver tinsel
body - white chenille
throat - same as tail materials
wing - white marabou, pearl krystal flash and gray squirrel hair
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Ghost Shrimp have been on the menu for coho in the deep south. Been talking a lot about shrimp patterns with @Spawnflyfish, getting some great inspiration.

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Very nice Nick.
That could function as a dual purpose fly.
If they don’t take it as a ghost shrimp, they might eat it as a polychaete worm, regardless of the eyes.

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