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Mind sharing recipe? Great pattern.
Not a problem.
Size 4 teimco 811
Tail tan craft fur barred brown
Claws ginger/brown hen saddle
Legs fl orange rubber legs or spanflex in orange
Body tan self or ice dub in light yellow
Hackle Cree/barred ginger dry fly hackle
Shellback pearlescent sheetback with fl orange spanflex for the bright band on back.
Your choice of weight of eyes but I prefer steel or lead eyes. I have found that bead chain or mono eyes don’t fish very well with this fly. This fly was inspired by whitlock’s crayfish pattern.


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Ill never forget the day early in my fly fishing career, (far enough along that i thought i knew it all) when i found out how rough a day can be when you need these flies. Fish jumping over the corner of my boat literally to eat dragon flies/damsels out of the air and i got skunked all day... for 3 days... never leave home without a couple in the back of the box now

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