What's in your vise?

Beeen using Boobies this spring for trout. Seemed like there should be application for bass since they seem to like goofy looking things.

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Hook: Orvis bass bug 2/0
Booby : 3/8' Chartreuse foam cylinder slices glue to 20 pound Mason mono and lashed to the hook shank. The mono is burned on both side to make it flat and keep the cylinder from falling off, superglue added as well.
Eyes: finger nail polish covered with UV resin
Tail: two rooster neck hackles on each side
Underbody: Olive estatz
Body hackle: Olive Emu
That looks like a cheap party doll!! The bass should LOVE it!!!
Last time out, I saw a bunch of newly hatched goslings....they, along with their duckling cousins, are most definitely on the menu. So naturally, one must match the hatch...dry or die, right?

I got it wet in the sink and it's profile is nearly perfect along with a mostly yellow color with some mottling in there like the naturals once those feathers get wet.

Pool Noodle Gosling

it's what's on the inside that counts...

Well, I got out today and put it through its paces. I fished it for about 2 hours of my session out there. No takes, but my heart did skip a beat when I saw one hanging out several feet under it during one of my retrieves.
5 days till Xmas Island! New moon next week, so supposedly some good chances for GT. Here are some of my big game flies; these ones are 4-6 inches, 2/0 - 4/0 Owner Aki, Gami SL12S, or Grip 21711NSL hooks. Have other tan brush flies, will tie up a couple more in black, maybe with a blunter head.
Hoping at least one of these gets moved to the What's Catching You Fish thread!

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