What's in your vise?

Nyman's DOA Cripple

For when the PMDs start coming off. No need making things more complicated than they have to be; here's a video if you need help.

hook - Dai Riki 305 #14 (same shank as a 320 #16 with wider gap; I will miss these hooks when the supply runs out)
thread - MFC 8/0 cream
shuck - Congo Hair brown
body - dubbing yellow
wing - Congo Hair baitfish tan
hackle - ginger

Frost's Blue Smelt

Body - Braided silver mylar piping secured at both ends with blue thread
Wing - White bucktail over which are 4 strands of peacock herl over which is medium/light blue bucktail
Eyes - White with black pupil

Tying Notes

I ran out of silver mylar piping and substituted pearl mylar piping
I used Mustad 3399 #6 hooks & .024 diameter Beadalon connector wire

Reference - Tandem Streamers - Donald A Wilson
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